How to Get an Auto Title Loan in 5 Steps?

Always the formalities for this type of process tend to be very cumbersome, but to obtain an auto title loan does not need many hours in the process, thus denying that these processes come to take too long, in a few minutes you can get your money and observe how fast and simple the process.

You only need to own a vehicle that can be insured, for this you must put your own vehicle as collateral for the loan to be carried out as quickly as possible.

 5 Steps to Obtaining an Auto Title Loan

  • In the first instance, you must inform yourself online of the current value of your vehicle, either through different web pages or go directly to the agency where you purchased it to ask the price of the same model. Know the value in which it is evaluated, will be the amount for which you will make the loan.


  • Now, you must contact an agency to apply for a loan for the title of your vehicle, you can use a phone number or fill out an online application, done this you will be asked for your main data and make of the vehicle. You will have to provide your name and surname, along with the telephone numbers to contact you, your e-mail address, the place where you live, year and make of the vehicle and besides this, specify when it is the mileage it possesses. When you give them your data correctly, they will proceed to open a file to contact you as quickly as possible, during this time you can take your vehicle to do a maintenance or put it in good shape for you to approve your loan quickly.

  • When they contact you, they will most likely ask for information that they can verify, such as your letter of residence, photos of the vehicle to see its condition, mileage photos, personal references and the telephone number of the company with which your vehicle is insured.


  • As soon as they receive the information and it is verified, they will call you to carry out a routine inspection of the car, to verify that it is in good conditions and that the loan is valid to be approved, they almost always take note about the make, model and year of the vehicle, besides verifying that you are the owner of the same one. They will then determine how much the loan will cost and the interest rate you must pay to get your vehicle back.

  • As a last step, you will proceed to sign the agreements and papers so that it is verified that the vehicle is like a loan, you will receive the payment of the loan, and you will only be able to recover the vehicle when you cancel the amount that you agreed, along with the interests that were established when you signed the contract.

Remember that if you do not pay off the amount of the loan in the agreed time, the company will proceed to keep the title of your vehicle.